Dwyer Clubs and Organizations

Dwyer High School Clubs:
 Club Name  Contact
 American Sign Language
Ms. Barows
 American Sign Language
 National Honor Society
Ms. Barows 
 Asian Student Union Ms. Ferris
 Be The Change Dr. Porter
 Best Buddies Club Ms. Ireson
 Book Club Ms. MacDonald
 Class of 2019 Ms. Gagnon
 Class of 2020 Ms. Raker
 Class of 2021 Ms. Pegg
 Class of 2022 Ms. Young
 Debate Club Ms. Winstanley
 Debbie's Dream Ms. Ferrucci
 Fashion GEM Club Ms. Thomas
 First Priority Ms. Torres
 Florida Future Educators
 of America (FFEA)
Ms. Harvat
 Forensics/Debate Club Ms. Winstanley
 French National
 Honor Society
Ms. Rylee 
 Future Business Leaders
 of America (FBLA)
Ms. Ferris
 IB Student Union Ms. Robinson, Co
 Kaleidoscope Club Ms. MacDonald
 Key Club Ms. Alba
 Language Arts Academic
Ms. Mulligan
 Math Academic Games Ms. Deragon
 Math Honor Society Mr. Sagen
 Model U.N. Club Mr. Rozanski 
 National English Honor
Ms. Mulligan 
 National Honor Society
Ms. Flanagan
 Psychology Club Mr. Rozanski
 Relief Club Ms. Flannery
 Robotics Club Mr. Sagen
 Science Honor Club Ms. Allen
 Spanish Club Ms. Naranjo
 Spanish National
 Honor Society
Ms. Robinson, Co
 Step-By-Step Club Ms. Turpin
 Street Art Club Ms. Ferrucci
 Student Government
Ms. Gagnon
 Students Against
 Melanoma (SAM)
Ms. Petric
 Tri-M Music National
 Honor Society
Ms. Varnadore
 Yearbook / Newspaper Mr. James