Attendee Safety Procedures for After-School Events

Spectator Safety Rules/Procedures for After-School Events
Posted on 08/14/2019

In the interest of safety and security, the District has implemented the following rules for attendees of after-school events:
• All persons, bags, and vehicles may be subject to search.
• Only CLEAR BAGS are permitted inside the event. All other bags or purses are prohibited (exception = diaper bag).
• No re-entry. If you exit the event, you cannot return.
• No admittance after the start of the second half of the final game.
• No loitering outside of the gym, stadium, school gates, parking areas, etc.
• Exit the gym, stadium, auditorium, etc. immediately at the conclusion of the event.
• No outside food or beverage may be brought into the event.
• No smoking, vaping, etc. anywhere on school grounds.
• Unruly conduct, disruptive behavior, use of profane, obscene or abusive language of any type will result in immediate removal from the event.
• In the event of an emergency or inclement weather, follow all instructions provided by law enforcement or school staff.