Virtual Learning for Dwyer Students Begins March 31st

Virtual Learning for Students Begins Tuesday, March 31st
Posted on 03/23/2020

Beginning Tuesday, March 31st all Dwyer Teachers and students will begin Virtual Instruction and Virtual Learning. Please take a moment to review the information below, which includes important dates, virtual learning information, and other school-related information.

Electronic Device Student Pickup:

- Students and parents can come to the school this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00am - 1:00pm to check out an electronic device for online learning.  3rd Quarter Report Cards:

- Teachers will be submitting 3rd Q grades on Monday, March 31st

- 3rd Q Reports Cards will be published for student and parent view in SIS on April 8th (due to school closures, 3rd Q Report Cards will not be printed). Google Classroom Information

- Virtual Learning will begin for all students this Tuesday, March 31st via Google Classroom.

- Google Classroom can be accessed by students through their District Portal. The majority of our students know how to login to the District Portal, however if not, click here to learn:

- Students have been invited to join their specific Google Classrooms, and will need to click on the”Join” link for each class (found in the Google Classroom section of their Portal).

- Each teacher will provide information about how their individual classes will be organized (types of assignments, discussion posts, check-ins, live instruction, etc).

- Please note that students are required to follow the School District's Code of Conduct for Remote Digital Learning, and abide by the School District of Palm Beach County's Code of Conduct. This means teachers and administration will continue to hold students to our high expectations during virtual instruction. Please remind your students of this. 

- Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for Live Instruction. Our teachers reserve the right to remove any student from a Live Instruction for inappropriate/indecent dress and/or inappropriate behavior/comments.

- Teachers will communicate with parents via email and Google Voice (Google Voice calls will show up on caller ID as “Private” or “Unknown”)

- To view the Parent Guide to Google Classroom, click this link: The Virtual School Schedule:

- Class period times have been created for Dwyer teachers to hold live instruction for their class periods without overlapping one another (teachers will provide students with the days each week that their class period will meet Live). 

          - Period 1:  7:40am - 8:15am

          - Period 2:  8:20am - 8:55am

          - Period 3:  9:00am - 9:35am

          - Period 4:  9:40am - 10:15am

          - Period 5:  10:20am - 10:55am

          - Lunch:      11:00am - 1:00pm

          - Period 6:  1:05pm - 1:40pm

          - Period 7:  1:45pm - 2:20pm

- Students are not expected to be sitting in front of a computer physically working on their classes for the entirety of the 7-period schedule. However, creating some kind of a daily routine/schedule for online learning that works for each student/family is strongly encouraged, and the schedule listed above may serve as a guide for that. 4th Quarter Grades To Be Earned Through Virtual Learning:

- Participation in virtual learning is mandatory for all students, and Students will earn 4th Q grades in each class through their participation in their Google Classrooms.

- Parents & Students may view individual class grades and overall class grades in SIS just as before. 

- Please note: the official class grades are the grades on SIS, NOT Google Classroom. Attendance Requirements:

- Students are expected to check-in to all of their Google Classes daily and complete any required activities for each class (this can be on their own time during the day, with the exception of their teachers’ Live Instructions).

- Attendance will be taken by each teacher, and posted on SIS based on the student’s participation on Google Classroom. Accelerated Courses:

- Even with no AICE or IB Exams, coursework is still required, and students will earn 4th Q grades.

- AP: Online Exams (more details to come). College Board offering live classes and reviews. More details available at: .

- AICE: Exams cancelled. Must successfully complete coursework. More details available at . A letter from Cambridge International to families can be found here:

- IB: Exams cancelled. Must successfully complete Internal Assessments. More details available 


- Dwyer High School AICE contact:

- Dwyer High School IB contact: School Counseling and Mental Health Information:

- Counselors are still available for academic and emotional support:

- Ms. Panier (last names A - Cl):

- Ms. Masterson (last names Co - Go): 

- Mr. Everett (last names Gr - La): 

- Ms. Saavedra (last names Le - Mo): 

- Ms. DeJesus (last names Mu - Se): 

- Ms. Little (last names Sh - Z): 

- Ms. McGreevy: 

- Ms. Ankle: 

- Course Selection Sheets: Current 9th - 11th grade students who have not yet submitted their Course Selection Sheets may scan (or take a clear picture of) their sheet (front and back) and email it to their Counselor by Friday, April 3rd. Current 10th & 11th grade IB students should send their Course Selection Sheets to Ms. Mulligan at  SCHOOL EVENTS: - School-related events (prom, grad bash, athletics, award ceremonies, etc.) have been put on hold until further notice. These events will be reevaluated once schools reopen with guidance from the State and the District. As soon as we receive information about these events, we will share it. PBCSD Info:

- Free Food Service from 11am-1pm. Click here for more details and a list of the feeding sites: 

- Dedicated COVID-19 Website:It is important that you stay current with the District's dedicated Coronavirus website for important information and routinely monitor and engage in your child's distance learning efforts:

We understand that this is all very new and possibly overwhelming for students and parents. We have asked our teachers to be patient, understanding, and flexible with our students through this transition to online learning. And we ask you to do the same with our teachers as they learn to work through a very different way of delivering instruction to our students. We are in this together, and we will get through it together!

We continue to receive new information, updates, and changes from the State and District almost daily in regards to COVID-19 and the impact on schools. We will provide you with these updates, as it relates to Dwyer High School at least weekly. Thank you in advance for your time, effort, and understanding during this transition to virtual learning.