Dwyer Virtual Learning Update

Dwyer Virtual Learning Update
Posted on 04/06/2020

It has been a great two weeks, and were happy to see the majority of our students participating and engaged in their Virtual Learning!  Parents, we ask that you frequently review the Google Meet etiquette and expectations with your Dwyer students. It is essential that they are following the Code of Conduct and remember the following:

Google Classroom Meet Etiquette and Expectations:

1. When you enter the Meet, mute your microphone (If you are already not muted). 2. When you have a question, type in the chatbox and wait for your teacher to call on you. 3. When you have something to contribute to what is being said, but it is not your turn, use the chat feature in the right-hand corner. ALL information written in the chat feature must be appropriate (will be submitted to school administration if it is inappropriate).  4. Wait for the teacher to call on you to unmute your microphone. Once you are finished speaking, mute your microphone again. 5. Only one student should contribute/talk at a time. 6. Look into the camera when you are talking. 7. Stay attentive. Pay attention to your teacher or other students who are speaking. 8. Students need to be appropriately dressed for school. Not necessarily dress code but an appropriate t-shirt for example. Remember, classmates and teachers can see you. 9. Do not give out information regarding our classroom meeting sessions or codes. This is a violation of School District Policy, misuse of technology, and has consequences. 10. Do not use a code to enter a Meet that is not your designated class and period. This is a violation of School District Policy, misuse of technology, and has consequences. 11. Students must follow the School District’s Code of Conduct at all times during Virtual Learning. Any misbehavior in a virtual classroom will be reported to parents immediately and may result in administrative consequences.

Teacher - Parent Communication
- Please direct questions regarding specific classes to the teacher via email first. If you do not receive a response from the teacher within 24 hours, contact the student’s School Counselor or Assistant Principal.

School Campus Completely Closed by District
- District school campuses (including Dwyer) are closed to all staff and to the public.  - Calls are being forwarded, therefore if you have a Dwyer High School-related question, you may call the school number to receive assistance.

Digital Device Issues (By Appointment Only):
- Please call the school if you are having Digital Device issues. If a replacement device is required, our secretary will take your name and contact information, and you will be contacted by the Region Office to schedule a pick-up date, time, and location.

Additional Google Classrooms for Dwyer Students, Parents, and Teachers:
- Guidance Department Google Classroom: Code to join is 2dlykca. Includes information about Dual Enrollment, School Counselor Contact Info, Virtual Community Service, and more! - Media Center Google Classroom: Code to join is hkzghzq. Includes Research Resources, eBook Check-out, Testing and Reference Center (TERC) info, and more! - Social Emotional Support: Code to join is sei6yba. Includes information and resources to support families. We will be adding important information to it as it becomes available.  

Reminder - Dwyer Virtual School Schedule:
- Class period times have been created for Dwyer teachers to hold live instruction for their class periods without overlapping one another (teachers will provide students with the days each week that their class period will meet Live). 

          - Period 1:  7:40am - 8:15am

          - Period 2:  8:20am - 8:55am

          - Period 3:  9:00am - 9:35am

          - Period 4:  9:40am - 10:15am

          - Period 5:  10:20am - 10:55am

          - Lunch:      11:00am - 1:00pm

          - Period 6:  1:05pm - 1:40pm

          - Period 7:  1:45pm - 2:20pm

- Students are not expected to be sitting in front of a computer physically working on their classes for the entirety of the 7-period schedule. However, creating some kind of a daily routine/schedule for online learning that works for each student/family is strongly encouraged, and the schedule listed above may serve as a guide for that.

Reminder - Attendance and Grades:
- Students are expected to check-in to all of their Google Classes daily and complete any required activities for each class (this can be on their own time during the day, with the exception of their teachers’ Live Instructions). - Grades will be regularly added to SIS each week by teachers. The grades in SIS are the official grades (not Google Classroom grades). - Attendance will be taken by each teacher, and posted on SIS based on the student’s participation on Google Classroom. - Students and Parents may view grades and attendance through their SIS Gateway.

School Counseling and Mental Health Information:
- Counselors are still available for academic and emotional support:
- Ms. Panier (last names A - Cl): Fercella.Paier@palmbeachschools.org - Ms. Masterson (last names Co - Go): Donna.Masterson@palmbeachschools.org  - Mr. Everett (last names Gr - La): Benny.Everett@palmbeachschools.org  - Ms. Saavedra (last names Le - Mo): Maryfaith.Saavedra@palmbeachschools.org  - Ms. DeJesus (last names Mu - Se): Sulimar.Dejesus@palmbeachschools.org  - Ms. Little (last names Sh - Z): Towanda.Little@palmbeachschools.org  - Ms. McGreevy: Jane.McGreevy@palmbeachschools.org  - Ms. Ankle: shannalei.ankle@palmbeachschools.org  - Mrs. Neals: shakeela.cooley.c@palmbeachschools.org  - Mr. Malsbury: alex@drugabusetreatment.org  - Ms. O'Meilia: debbie.omeilia@palmbeachschools.org
- Course Selection Sheets: Current 9th - 11th grade students who have not yet submitted their Course Selection Sheets may scan (or take a clear picture of) their sheet (front and back) and email it to their Counselor ASAP. Current 10th & 11th grade IB students should send their Course Selection Sheets to Ms. Mulligan at Susan.Mulligan@palmbeachschools.org 

Accelerated Testing (AP, AICE, & IB) Updates
- AICE Updates - Exams cancelled, scores will be determined on work attempted. Additional questions contact Ms. Schneider at deanna.schneider@palmbeachschools.org
For more information visit: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/news/news-details/view/update-from-cambridge-international-on-may-june-2020-exams-20200327/ 

- IB Updates - Exams cancelled, the student will be awarded either a diploma or a course certificate which reflects their standard of work. The achievement will be based around the students’ coursework and the established assessment expertise, rigor and quality control already built into the programmes. Additional questions contact Mrs. Mulligan. susan.mulligan@palmbeachschools.org 

For more information visit: https://www.ibo.org/news/news-about-the-ib/covid-19-coronavirus-updates/

- AP Updates - College Board will continue to provide free remote learning resources and are working on an at-home testing option.They will consist of 45-minute exams. Additional questions contact your School Counselor. 

For the exam schedule and more information visit:  https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/educators

School Events
- During the State mandate and District school closures, all school events and athletics are on hold. - The District announced that Graduation ceremonies will not be held at the South Florid Fairgrounds. Dwyer HS will be working with the District to find a way to celebrate the graduation of our amazing Class of 2020. - Universal Studios has announced the cancellation of Grad Bash. Refund information for those Seniors who purchased tickets will be forthcoming as soon as we receive procedures from the District. - We will provide additional information regarding event cancellations and/or rescheduling as we receive guidance from the State and School District.

Palm Beach County School District Info and Resources
- Free Food Service from 11am-1pm. Click here for more details and a list of the feeding sites: https://www.palmbeachschools.org/news/what_s_new/feeding_sites_open_during_school_closure 

- Dedicated COVID-19 Website:It is important that you stay current with the District's dedicated Coronavirus website for important information and routinely monitor and engage in your child's distance learning efforts:  https://www.palmbeachschools.org/students_parents/health_services/coronavirus_disease_2019__covid_19

Florida Department of Education Info and Resources
- For resources for Families and Teachers offered by state and federal agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations to help school districts, colleges, educators and families to ensure continuity of learning during this time, click  here: http://www.fldoe.org/em-response/resources-families.stml

- For best practices for distance learning, frequently asked questions regarding education in Florida and COVID-19, and extensive information on free meals, click here: http://www.fldoe.org/em-response/

We understand that this is all very new and possibly overwhelming for students and parents. We have asked our teachers to be patient, understanding, and flexible with our students through this transition to online learning. And we ask you to do the same with our teachers as they learn to work through a very different way of delivering instruction to our students. We are in this together, and we will get through it together!

We continue to receive new information, updates, and changes from the State and District almost daily in regards to COVID-19 and the impact on schools. We will provide you with these updates, as it relates to Dwyer High School at least weekly. Thank you in advance for your time, effort, and understanding during this transition to virtual learning.