Parking Permit Info & Forms


To park on campus, Students must have a 2022-2023 Dwyer HS Student Parking decal displayed on the bottom right side of their BACK windshield. Students must park in their designated spot according to their parking permit number. Students parking on campus without a parking permit decal, or those who do not park in their designated permit spot, will be subject to progressive obligation fines and possible booting of the vehicle.

Parking permits are sold based on availability and an eligibility list determined by the principal or designee. To obtain a parking decal, students must meet the following school requirements, complete/submit the documents below, and pay the Student Parking Permit fee on School Cash Online, or check or money order payable to William T. Dwyer High School:
• $75 for permits purchased during 1st semester 
• $40 for permits purchased during 2nd semester (for purchases made January 5 - May 20, 2022)

Google form submission and online payment must be completed a minimum of 24 hours prior to picking up the parking permit decal.

School Requirements*
1) Minimum 2.0 cumulative, unweighted GPA
2) Minimum number of Community Service hours:
     - 10th grade: 5 hours
     - 11th grade: 10 hours
     - 12th grade: 15 hours
3) Be cleared of any school financial obligations (Check SIS to see if you have any school obligations. Many school obligations are able to be paid on School Cash Online. If not, please contact the teacher, club sponsor, or coach to see how you can clear your obligation).
* IMPORTANT NOTE: On-Campus Parking privileges may be revoked without refund for repetitive or severe disciplinary incidents, or for improper use of the vehicle.

Required Documents/Forms:
1) 2021-2022 Parking Permit Application (2022-2023 Google Form coming soon)

2) PBCSD Parking Permit Form (must be notarized, and hard copy submitted at time of parking decal pick-up)

To complete Parking Permit Application google form, you will need to have access to the following information and documents:
•  Current Vehicle Registration
•  Student's Valid Driver's License
•  Valid Vehicle Insurance Card
•  Student's School ID Number

How to Pick-Up Your Parking Decal*:
Info regarding 2022-2023 Parking Permit Sales and Pick-up COMING SOON
* Be sure to bring the notarized District parking form and screenshots or printout of your permit payment and any obligation payment receipts.

If you have questions about Dwyer HS Parking Permits, please contact:
Tom Amenita