Student Registration Information

New Student and Summer Registrations:
New student registrations (and transfers) will continue virtually via email between school sites and parents/guardians until face-to-face registration appointments are an option. Beginning June 8, this will also include New Kindergarten Registrations as the Pre-Enrollment process will end. The School District's Welcome Center will continue to support as needed, but schools should be the first line for registration support for new registrations. Once face-to-face registration appointments are able to be conducted, that information will be communicated. 

Please click the links below for helpful Student Registration information and required documents:
• School District's Student Registration Webpage
Find My Assigned School
Find My Bus
School Entry Health Requirements
Student Registration Forms
William T. Dwyer High School New Student Registration Information

If you have additional student registration questions, please contact our Data Processor:
Donna Schwartz
(561) 691-1019